Dangerous Doug and all of the members of this version of Krimson Dawn wrote this song. It started from lyrics written by Brian Tuttle. Dan Tryon, Bill Pine and Dangerous Doug wrote the music. Dangerous Doug also arranged the lyrics.

Just to look at you,
Baby you're so cruel
I don't need to put up with you
Damn you fool!
You got to me,
But you don't care,
You got what you wanted
You took me down,
But baby I've found out.

You stole my heart. You stole my love.
You stole my dreams. You stole my soul.

Well here's to you again
I never wanted to fall in love
If I could,
I know that I would
Stick a knife right in your heart,
Slow and deep.
Hurt so good
Hurt so good I'm sure.


You stole my money
You stole my life
Just to look at you,
Baby you're so cruel
I never wanted to,
Fall in love again
I know I would,
If I could.


1995 Krimson Dawn

Brian Tuttle - Drums
Bill Pine- Bass, Vocals
Dan Tryon- Lead Guitar
Dangerous Doug - Guitar, Vocals