Color Blind
  Michael Ward penned the lyrics to this after the death of his mother. He presented the lyrics to Dangerous Doug and asked if he might be able to make it a song. Dangerous Doug did just that. This was recorded at Imperial Sound in Seelyville, Indiana (Eric O'Brien - Engineer) by Krimson Dawn. This was the first song that I used the Mellotron at Imperial Sound to add its instrumentation to an original.

Now Iíve been taught in black and white.
To see it all as day or night.
Is my mind so absent of sight.
Canít feel the colors within the light.
Is it you or is it me?
Who determines what we see? What we see.

Look what youíve done to my mind. Colorblind.
I'm colorblind.

Iíve seen red and Iíve felt blue.
Green and yellow had been there too.
All the colors Iíve seen in you.
Now thereís nothing I can do.


Is it you or is it me?
Who determines what we see?
What We see.

Spoken: Iíll tell ya what I saw.

White clouds floating in white sky.
Do not bother to ask me why.
Seems to me its all been a lie.
Whatís the color when we die?

You or me.
Do we know, what we see. What we see.

© 1988 Michael Ward and Douglas P. Champion

Danny Gossman - Drums
Mike Peters - Bass
Tom Combs - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dangerous Doug - Guitar, Mellotron, Vocals