Desolate World
 Dangerous Doug wrote the lyrics to Desolate World after waking from a dream. It was not a nice dream and the lyrics portray most everything that Dangerous Doug witnessed in it. The intro was written some time after the orignal concept. Dangerous Doug hopes you enjoy this look at the dark side of humanity and hopes we all can learn from it. Dangerous Doug recorded this with the 2nd version of Krimson Dawn.

It's been a long time.
The rulers black destruction has claimed its solemn justice.
Many generations are gone.
The knowledge that was to help us only destroyed our lives.
Wisdom is all I have to offer.
So awaken my child. Awaken to the Krimson Dawn.

Last night I had a dream.
Many people had left the Earth.
The Earth was too close to the Sun.
Post holocaust had begun.

Chorus 1
Is this something you employ?
To overtake and destroy.
Does the conscious in your mind,
Shed a tear or are you blind?

Out here in outer space,
Up above the desolate land.
The temperature was 400 degrees,
The newsman was my friend.

Chorus 2
Look at what you've done to our land.
Look at what you've destroyed.
So much for your simple plan.
So much for peace and joy.

A rich man could afford to leave.
Fly away and leave this land.
A desolate world of decay.
Famine rules instead of man.

I've been in space for so long,
And there is something you should know.
It's lonely up here in the stars.
I hope we never have to go.

Chorus 2

1989 Douglas Paul Champion

Scott Burskey- Drums
Scott Aselage- Lead Guitar
Dangerous Doug - Guitar, Vocals