Eternal Too
  When Dangerous Doug wrote this the lyrics started out as a song for his love, Dianne Hepworth. Then ADD must have kicked in as the second verse was about Dangerous Doug's childhood and the song became about his life. This was recorded at Imperial Sound in Seelyville, Indiana (Eric O'Brien - Engineer). This is track 4 on the Krimson Dawn cassette release.

Me and you are eternal too.
Eternal 'til the end of time.
Our life you know, as it comes and goes,
Eternal 'til times dying day.
Our mind is gone. The soul lives on,
With the lessons of mankind..
But 'til then, my love my friend,
Eternal the things in my mind.

Even though, I love you so,
The pains still there the hurt grows old.
I cried in pain. You, you laughed insane,
Eternal now eternal past.
Now it's my turn. With these words I burn,
Well sometimes thoughts are not so kind.
In life you feel, a love so real,
Eternal now life must go on.

Me and you are eternal too.
Eternal 'til the end of time.
Me and you are eternal too.
Eternal 'til times dying day.

1988 Douglas P. Champion

Brian Tuttle - Drums
Bill Pine - Bass
Dan Tryon - Guitar
Dangerous Doug - Guitar, Mellotron, Vocals