Have You Ever Stopped to Look at the Moon?
  One evening Dangerous Doug was watching TV with Dianne when Brian said, come out and look at the moon." We stopped what we were doing and went outside to have a look. When Dangerous Doug came back in the idea for the song came and he penned the lyrics. This was recorded at Imperial Sound in Seelyville, Indiana (Eric O'Brien - Engineer). This is track 2 on the Krimson Dawn cassette release.

So many conform.
I am who I am.
Look in the mirror understand!
Herded like lambs.
Controlled like pawns.

Well cut your hair!
Better go to work!
And you have a child.
But you do not pass go.

Chorus I
Take a ride on the reading.
Just remember that you're just passing.

Have You Ever Stopped To Look At The Moon?

Well all I want.
I know what I want.
Is to be,
Appreciate me.

Chorus II
You've given more than I've ever wanted.
I've taken less than you give.
I can't pretend to be anyone but me.
Even then I don't pretend.

Somberness prevails at the birth of coming dawn.
An Eagle lifts and flies away.
Take me away from this racing human dream.
I lift my eyes as if to say...

Chorus II

1995Douglas P. Champion

Brian Tuttle - Drums
Bill Pine - Bass
Dan Tryon - Lead Guitar
Dangerous Doug - Guitar, Vocals