Let Me Die Happy

They tell me my life is over. The good has been and gone.
My life will be a downhill ride. The pain has begun.
They say there is no cure. No help for the pain.
Just give me a fix and I'll be fine. Some Help for my brain.

Let me die happy.
Let me die free from pain.
Let me die happy.
Oh my God, let them stop this pain.

They give me drugs, drugs that make my hair fall out.
They tear my guts and make me cry for God's sake give me help.
Something good to lift me up, something good to get me high.
Do I have to go abroad to a land across the sky?



 Dangerous Doug wrote this song about one of his previous drummers whom had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Miraculously he still survives today some 25 plus years later. This song is for anyone who finds solace in it. Dangerous Doug would want it no other way.

 Artists on this recording are Dangerous Doug and Jacob McCullough.




1989 Douglas Paul Champion