In a Field of Poppy
 Dangerous Doug had a crazy dream one night. It was about the Wizard of Oz and other crazyness. Dangerous Doug was even in the dream himself. Dangerous Doug woke from the dream and penned the lyrics. This was recorded at Imperial Sound in Seelyville, Indiana (Eric O'Brien - Engineer). This was the second song that I used the Mellotron at Imperial Sound to add instrumentation to an original.

As I lay me down to rest. I know the time is near.
For the sacred witches fest. The one that I fear.
Evil eyes and laughing cries telling me to go.
Run away and leave this sacred witches show.

I ran so far for so long. My place I don't know.
It seemed to clear ahead this way I should go.
As I reached the clearing I know where I had come.
A trip 'round in circles by this time had begun.

My eyes open to a field of delight.
Sweet and pungent the poppy smell. My head feels so light.
Now in the poppies my dreams start to flow.
I dream of a witches fest of a long time ago.

In my mind I live this dream as if I were there.
And I know I must leave. Get the hell out of here.
I came upon a clearing and there lay a man.
I tried to wake him up, instead I woke myself.

Now I realize it was all just a dream.
It was all just a spell cast over me.
The poppy field of which I had delight.
It has left me now, 'til another night.
'til another night,
'til another night,
Until another night.

1990 Douglas Paul Champion

Danny Gossman - Drums
Mike Peters - Bass
Tom Combs - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dangerous Doug - Guitar, Mellotron, Vocals