Sin City
 Dangerous Doug went out one night in 1983 to hang out on Wasbash Ave. in Terre Haute, Indiana. Dangerous Doug took his guitar to play while hanging out. While Dangerous Doug was sitting there watching the surroundings the idea for this song came up. Dangerous Doug penned the lyrics while sitting there and the main rhythm. Eventually Dangerous Doug recorded this with Krimson Dawn.

Sittin' on Wabash watchin' the cars roll by.
There goes Joe he's a friend of mine.
Mr. City Policeman is on his way.
Well don't come lookin' for me.

In Sin city, that's where I live,
In Terre Haute, Indiana.

Life goes on here in its own way.
And people ask, "Do you all act the same?"
Well wouldn't they like to know?
'Cause they know where they can go.

Livin' in the valley smell the stinch in the air.
You tell the people that you just don't care.
And when the time is right.
You got your woman by your side.

In Sin city,
In Sin city,
In Sin city,
In Sin city.

1989 Douglas P. Champion

Scott Burskey - Drums, Vocals
Craig Griswold - Bass
Scott Aselage - Lead Guitar
Dangerous Doug - Guitar, Vocals