Things In My Room
(The Grind)
Piece Notes

    Written for the Fall 2013 Contemporary Music Festival at Indiana State University. The original concept was for this song to be for only instruments in my music room. What really happened was a slight morphing of that concept. Some of them I have in my room, while others I can't even play. This is scored for: 7-String Electric Guitar (with distortion), Electric Cello (with & without distortion), Viola, Flute and three percussionists.
    The original musical theme came to me as the rhythm of the ostinato that opens the piece, which I fisrt gave to the 7 String Guitar, chosen so the piece could grind using the low B string. Eventually the Cello joins this ostinato as does the Viola. This riff, if you will became the basis of this piece and recurs throughout it's entirety.
   I gave Viola the main soloistic role in this piece as how often does a Viola get a solo? The Flute also shares as a solo intrument as well as being paired in duet with the Viola. In the very opening the Cello is featured and plays a large roll in the B section where the roll of the 7-String was reduced to just one progression of music. Also, I close the B section with the Viola's big solo, if the Violist ever gets a chance to finish it as all of the musicians are instructed to not allow the violist to complete the solo.

2012 Douglas P. Champion

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