War Moon
  While watching the Houston Oilers play Dangerous Doug made a comment about Warren Moon except the name came out "War Moon." Dangerous Doug immediately thought that War Moon would be a great name for a D&D character and from that thought the lyrics for the song War Moon started filling his mind. Dangerous Doug grabbed paper and a pen and wrote these lyrics. This was recorded at Danger Tracks.

I hear the sounds in the distance.
Cold chill in my spine.
The fight is closing in now
Don't think I...I have much time?

I see the war moon risin', see the light in your eye,
War moon comin' raise your blade up high.
See it glow in the evening sky, shinin' on 'til mornin' light,
Oh golden globe before my eyes won't ya take me to the other side.

Listen hear the battle cry, under a dark and blood red sky,.
At the battle fight me now won't you take this knife right to hell
Close to death the twist in pain, vultures cry the soldiers name,
Until the night is by our side see the war moon now is on the rise.

War moon risin'. War moon, take me away.
War moon risin'. War moon, night-light the day.

Oh evening spirit rising high, light the ground where soldiers die,
Valkries flyin' in the night, while orphans scream and widows cry.
You know a soldiers life will end, but he lives to fight again,
Valhalla waits for you and I...War moon lives as we die.

1992 Douglas P. Champion

Scott Burskey - Drums
Bill Pine - Bass
Steve Tabor - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dangerous Doug - Guitar, Vocals