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About Dangerous Doug:
   I have a BME in Music Education with emphasis on Voice and over 30 years of professional band experience.
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Dangerous Doug; Don't let the name fool ya!


Music Lesson * Music Lesson * Music Lesson
      * Voice
      * Guitar
      * Bass
      * Ukulele
      * Harmonica
      * Strings

   Other instrument lesson options may be possible.

Non-Instrument Lessons
* Basic Music
* Music Theory
* Rock/Country Harmony
* Tabliture
* Guitar Chord Shorthand

   Other music lesson options may be possible.

Music Lesson * Music Lesson * Music Lesson
 Your first lesson fee will be for 1 hour of lesson time, non-returnable.
It will be a meeting to exchange information and assess you and your goal(s).

Vocal Warm-Ups/Student Exercises

Whole Step Vocalise (Vi, Ve, Va, Vo, Vu)

Fifth Leap w/ Whole step Vocalise (La, Ah, Ahhh)

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