Dangerous Doug Custom JeanZ
Do your Jeanz look like this ?

DD @ Riley Conservation Club
They can look like this!

DD - PatriotPants
Maybe you like buttons!

DD - PatriotPants

What I can do for you:

  • Patches - Rustic Stitch, Satin Stitch, Combo - will accept material from the client
  • Bell Bottom Inserts - rustic stitch, satin stitch, backup stitch, Combo (custom requires contact) - (requires original seam to be opened to add bell insert)
  • Seam Outlines - x - stitch, satin stitch, Combo
  • Designs: Rainbows, Cobwebs, Stars, Some images(within stitching reason)
  • Names/Words - backup stitch [default], satin stitch filled backup stitch
  • Splits with leather strap added, etc.
  • Stitch together splits, etc. (various stitches can utilized)
Let Me let your thoughts Go!

DD - PatriotPants
Maybe some Character?

DD - PatriotPants
Dangerous Doug Custom JeanZ